Fashion On The Red Carpet – Award Season Fashion

The Grammy’sThe Academy AwardsThe OscarsThe MTV AwardsThe Golden GlobesThe Peoples Choice Awards… are only a few of the many glamorous award ceremonies which take place every year!
These various prestigious award ceremonies, designed to credit the many talented artists and actors of the world, is without fail, over-shadowed by the all important question: who are you wearing? Red carpet fashion is not just fun to observe but is pivotal for the major designers who invent these fashion creations as well as the publics fashion cravings for the year ahead.
2012 award season has been one of the most glamorous in years. Whether it be Angelina Jolie’s high slit dress, Gweneth Paltrow’s cape, Emma Stones chiffon goddess dress, or Rihanna’s sequins masterpiece, an element of these daring designs are guaranteed to be seen in the high street stores by spring.
Keep your eyes open for high slit skirts, tailored women’s blazers, chiffon dresses, and sequins everything, for these genius fashion elements will be this years fashion essentials.
During the glamorous award season, it’s not only the dresses that get adored and credited on the red carpet but also the accessories. It’s safe to say that “old Hollywood glamour” is back. For the more simplistically textured dresses, large crystal collar necklaces and chandelier earrings were the perfect finishing touch. When it came to less daring toned dresses, bright coloured jewellery was added to compensate.
Stay up to date with Hollywood’s hottest fashion trends by following our blog! Also, don’t forget to check out our website and shop our beautiful selection of high fashion accessories @ La beau Boutique… because we care about fashion!
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La beau Boutique Supplying the Celebrated Majique Jewellery Designs

For several months now, La beau Boutique On-line has had the pleasure of supplying London Soho District’s renowned Majique Jewellery to its on-line customers around the world. New and classically attractive designs are being added to La beau Boutique On-line every week and catching the attention of eyes worldwide.
This iconic brand name has been established and flourishing since 1977, and is described by it’s creators as a company focused on inventing “spell casting” designs.
Majique – The name has now become symbolic to feminine whims and desires. It has come out to be the best way to celebrate the wonderful feeling of being a woman as every piece of jewellery that bears the name Majique has a charm that every woman dies to portray.
Surely, such a revolution in fashion needs to travel far and wide. Press releases on Majique testify the superiority of the brand. Majique is always in news for good. The press releases on Majique make sure the quality conscious brand gets its due credit. Majique Jewellery is featured in “top of the shelf” fashion magazines. These elite magazines showcase top models flaunting Majiqueaccessories and shimmering in them. BELLANOWESSENTIALSASIANAWOMAN… the names are so prominent that you don’t need anything else to shine than getting featured in them.” (Majique Design Team)
From modern eclectic to vintage coutureMajiqueJewellery’s designs range for every type of woman. So be bold and stand out from the crowd with feather earrings and a chunky necklace. Be classic with a pearl/chainlayered necklacecrystal drop earrings, and a golden weaved cuff bangle. Or be vintage with a velvet ribbon strung necklacecameo earrings, and a lace jewelscarf … Curious yet? Check out the beautiful selection of Majique jewellery featured on-line now at La beau Boutique:
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Accessorize Yourself….Monday 5th December Sale – 20% off Everything

Holiday Sale!

That’s right… everyone can get 20% OFF not just one thing but EVERYTHING! 


This is La beau Boutique’s biggest sale of the year where nothing is off limits! 

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Funny Fashion

Funny Fashion Pics CLICK HERE

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How To Accessorize for the 2011/12 Holiday Season!

That’s right… the holiday season is quickly approaching! Here are some fun and useful tips to accessorize your wardrobe this festive season!
The holidays may have some universal characteristics when it comes to fashion but it is important to remember that these universal characteristics are changing in form every year!

Let us explain…
Holiday Red Velvet Wedge HeelsRed Velvet: red velvet is a wonderful holiday season fabric. If any of you remember the 90’s, you would remember the “unique” red velvet dress’s that were being worn all over the world. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you 90’s fashionista’s, but the red velvet dress is O U T. Instead of covering your body with this lusciously festive fabric, add it subtly into your accessories for a high fashion yet classic look, like we did with these:


Pearl Jewellery: Another wonderful example of a classic holiday accessory. We have seen pearls go in and out of fashion for centuries now. Well we can tell you that bold and chunky pearls are officially out of the high fashion scene, but subtle, vintage style pearls are in. Pearls still create a wonderfully classic look, but instead of a full blown pearl necklace, try and find something with mixed beads or hanging chains and make those pearls the accessories accessory… Have a look at this vintage style La beau Boutique necklace for a perfect example:

Check back for more holiday season fashion accessories tips… coming soon!
Also, check out our Christmas section at La beau Boutique on-line for more examples of fashionable holiday season accessories!

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Shop for Boots and Boutique Shoes

Calling all shoe divas!!

New in at La beau Boutique


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Accessorize America from Britain… and the Other Way Around

Don’t you LOVE when you’re abroad or simply a ways from home, and have found a unique fashion accessory to accessorize yourself with? Even if it’s just a little ring or charm… an item that you know they just don’t have at home. You know all of your friends will love it, all heads will be turning your way when you are back from your wild journey, and you walk around with the satisfaction that all these envious people will probably never get their hands on it? WE LOVE THAT FEELING TOO! 

One day, a lovely Scottish man married a fashion crazed American girl… me. We have had the pleasure of experiencing the exact feeling I am talking about every time we have travelled back and forth between our two homes, Scotland and America.

I have fallen in love with the differences in fashion between our two very sophisticated countries and the unique personalties of each. Because of this true obsession with fashion and accessories, I have decided to give loved ones, friends, and fashion forward strangers the opportunity to look internationally fashionable. La beau Boutique on-line has slowly been expanding it’s boutique designerwomen’s accessories collection from designers in the Soho District of London to Los Angeles, California.

So if you haven’t had the chance to travel abroad or you just like to stick out from the crowd; accessorize yourself today at La beau Boutique on-line and get that same feeling without the plane ticket. And remember, our personal boutique business is here to help so if you want something in another colour, just let us know and we can probably get it just for you.

(follow our blog and learn about international fashion and how to keep all your friends envious of your internationally classic yet unique style 😉

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